Gatteo Mare

Gatteo Mare

sun, sea, sand and so much fun

the holiday in Romagna that never ceases to amaze you

Gatteo Mare Summer Village

Gatteo Mare Summer Village

The summer means entertainment in Gatteo Mare
A tireless entertainment team employed every day in the 30 beach establishments provide countless opportunities free of charge for getting you moving and enjoying yourselves together.
In the evenings the voices on the beach go quiet and make way for small and big surprises in the fully pedestrianised town centre. Get ready for dancing, entertainment and shows!

Gatteo Mare

The holiday with a thousand faces!

Gatteo Mare is the ideal place for a wonderful family holiday, thanks to the warm hospitality of the people of Emilia-Romagna, the long stretch of golden sands extending to the sea bed, and the family fun on the beach and along the streets of the town.

The very best beach...
Tourists love this beach because in Gatteo Mare it's not just about dips in the sea and umbrellas, but a combination of entertainment and services for families and children, who are caressed by the gentle waves and treated to all the comforts they can possibly imagine.
The beach establishments offer their guests good local food, hot and cold showers, baby changing facilities, games on the sand, beach volleyball courts, beach tennis, boules and much more...

Local festivities

In the evenings, Gatteo Mare gets ready to party
The main street becomes fully pedestrianised, the tourists, families and children spill out on to the streets where entertainment takes full centre stage, livening up the evenings with music, dancing, dance shows and cultural performances, and much more besides.

And the street festivities don't end here...
Gatteo Mare is not only about entertainment for adults and children but also has cultural concerts, food festivals where you can savour the traditional flavours of Emilia-Romagna, the summer carnival, the dance festival, musical performances such as the renowned 'pasquella' sung by the typical 'pasquaroli' at Epiphany, and much more.

Gatteo Mare
Gatteo Mare

The latest news for 2019

We don't want to stop spoiling and surprising our visitors, so this year we also have some amazing new things in store...

The "Gatteo Mare Summer Village" tourist train
From 1 June until 11 September, the lovely colourful tourist train zigzags along the streets of the town, creating a real travelling spectacle and making it easier for adults and children to get around.
The tourist train for all Gatteo Mare Summer Village Fidelity Card holders.

The panoramic ride
20 metres high and 18 coaches long, it gives you a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Gatteo Mare beach.
The ride is free for all Gatteo Mare Summer Village Fidelity Card holders.

Available on Google Play and App Store, the new app allows tourists to enjoy numerous free vouchers to use on their holiday and to always stay up to date with all the town's events, as well as choosing from numerous hotels, restaurants, pubs, beaches, and much more.