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Aquafan: 90 km. of pipes and 500 km. of electric cables have been used to build Aquafan. Special machinery has been created to reproduce real ocean waves in the wave pool. These waves move 8,000 cubic metre of heated and depurated water, and have advanced technologies to reduce any waste.

Parco Acquatico Aquafan Riccione

Atlantica: The Atlantica water park covers an area of 100,000 square metres with expanses of water covering 5,700 metres and a giant whale which welcomes visitors on their arrival. Among some of the attractions are the Plain Wave, Long Wave, Soft Wave and Baby Wave. Services include: a self service, pizzeria, bar, amusement arcade, shops, discotheque.

Parco Acquatico Atlantica Cesenatico

Italia in Miniatura: The most famous miniature park in Italy .... monuments, games, excellent food and lots of green spaces, Italia in Miniatura offers more services and offers this year in order to make the most of your day at the park. 

Parco Tematico Italia in Miniatura Rimini

Mirabilandia: 5 kilometres away from Cesenatico is Mirabilandia, one of the European fun capitals: covering 85 hectares with 7 theme areas, 42 attractions, 10 live shows, 14 restaurants and bars, 11 shops. A wonderful flowering garden covering 25 hectares surrounds the various attractions. During the evening an incredible firework display will light up the sky obove the park. 

Parco Divertimenti Mirabilandia Ravenna

Oltremare A new theme park, will immerse you in a GREAT ADVENTURE from the BEGINNING OF LIFE ON EARTH to the marvels of the Adriatic Sea and the charm of our animals. Oltremare is a JOURNEY THROUGH TIME and space with lots of ADVENTURE ROUTES and exciting attractions. 

Parco Tematico Oltremare Riccione

Excursions starting from Hotel Adriatico Gatteo Mare


Ravenna stands close to a magnificent pinewood and boasts an extraordinary number of basilicas, baptistries and mausoleums. The harmony of the classical-style buildings blends together with precious marbles and the famous Byzantine mosaics. The city is also well known for its main street lined with fashion boutiques. (40 Km)

San Marino: The famous old republic with its historical heritage, museums and wonderful buildings. Beside the scenic beauty of the country, San Marino also offers a large assortment of arts and crafts and souvenirs, with great shopping and amusement opportunities. 

Santarcangelo: Santarcangelo is a special town. Perhaps because here traditions continue to thrive, perhaps because of the monuments, mysterious caves and fairs. Here you will find lovely wrought-iron objects and traditional printed fabrics. Santarcangelo, which is only a short distance from the sea, has an atmosphere all its own that makes it different from the other towns in the hinterland. (8 Km) 




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